Elia Alberti

Elia Alberti

UI UX Product & Interaction Designer | Creative Thinker | Product Innovator | Prototyping Adept

Vodafone UK Portal


Momac was founded in 2001 as a mobile content aggregator and branded solution provider for mobile operators and media companies. The company’s product development and engineering competencies addressed the MNO’s demand for scalability and robustness and the media company’s desire for cutting-edge rich media. Today, Momac has a comprehensive set of tools and managed services that enable MNOs to run highly-personalised customer care services, m-shops, premium content stores, advertising, apps and messaging on a wide range of mobile devices (over 20,000), tablets and browsers (web and TV), from a single flexible cloud-based solution.


Vodafone UK Portal

Starting by researching and study the most innovative UI experiences I’ve then had a close look at what the competitors have done in order to identify successful metrics and features to be used on the project. Following the brand guidelines I’ve came up with a fresh visual approach to all the different areas of the portal. I made sure that the brand presence was effective and easily identifiable by the most expert and also new users.


Vodafone UK customers.


Vodafone UK