Elia Alberti

Elia Alberti

UI UX Product & Interaction Designer | Creative Thinker | Product Innovator | Prototyping Adept

Video Feature Prototypes


The following are examples of micro-interaction within the new newly designed video listing feature.


Rearrange video – No Label

Having changed what was the original four images upload grid with the new video element, user should be guided to understand the implications of having the video to the left of the grid versus the right side. The video will be either placed first or last in the listing gallery.


Rearrange video – Static Label

Exploring the additional use of a label to clearly signposting the user where the video will end up in the listing flow, depending on where it’s positioned.


Rearrange video – Moving Label

The label is now moving to better display the final video placement.


Audio Voiceover Flow

Recording of audio voiceover upon having filmed the video.


Video Segment Deletion

Deletion of a segment of the final video.


Timer Video

Timer feature which would allow the user to record himself in the final video showcasing the product.


Depop is the new way to shop where you can buy, sell and share millions of unique items, vintage & luxury fashion, art, illustration, books, records and trainers and where you can build your own community of sellers and buyers.

Start selling by taking a video or a picture and open your own personal shop. Buy an item with just one tap.

More importantly, stay connected. Depop is a community – it’s a fun place to hang out. Keep up-to-date with your friends’ activity – like, share and comment on items that catch your eye.

Originally a social network, the app became a global marketplace — a mobile space where you can see what your friends and the people you’re inspired by are liking, buying and selling.

In turn, your friends and creative influencers all over the world can see the things you like, buy, and sell, and are inspired by you. This ecosystem has supported Depop becoming a global conduit of connection, not only in m-commerce, but culture, design, and creative communities around the world.

With 10 millions users worldwide, today 80% of Depop users are under 25-years-old, they’ve sold $230 million of clothing last year, and are on track to double that to $460 million in 2018-19.

Video Feature

With this engaging new feature users can now shoot short videos of their items to help them show off what they’re selling. The aim is to empower them to explore their creativity through a different media format as well as to give creatives an additional tool for self expression.

Moreover it has been proven to be of great help to buyers too as it will give them better insight into the items they are purchasing. The better users can present their items, the more revenue they can generate.

The importance of Prototypes

Many ideas fail, not because they are flawed, but because people didn’t ‘get it’. It can be hard to imagine new products, services or features. That is where traditional specification documents and business plans fail. They do not excite people about the potential. They do not show them what could be.

Which is why working in Agile, I felt the need to prototype pretty much every design task for every sprint so to shows stakeholders, developer, PM and back-end, what I was going to build. That means everybody had the same picture of the end goal. It significantly reduces the need for people to ‘fill in the gaps’ with their imagination.

It’s also a great tool for user testing session, to gauge the level of engagement of a specific feature and further iterate if and when needed. Occasionally and particularly in the early days of a project, I had to make few assumptions about what users want. Some companies do market research, but just like stakeholders users often struggle to picture what it is you are proposing building.

Testing a prototype allows you to validate the assumptions you make and be confident you are building the right thing.


Both male and female audience, between 16-45 yrs old.