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Elia Alberti

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Order Tracker Prototypes

Launch Interactive Prototype

Launch Interactive Prototype



UP = W

Back  = B
Enter = G


Order statuses:

When you’re in the order details screen by clicking on the numbers 1 to 4 the status of the product can be changed to show the visual outcome / layout and implications.

On the Sky Remote, you can use the coloured buttons.



Blue/ On Track = 1
Red / Get in touch = 2
Yellow / Delay = 3
Green/ Complete = 4


Order Tracking – Full Journey


Order Tracking – Main Dashboard


Order Tracking – Order details screen


Order Tracking – Reschedule an order

What is Order Tracking?

Order tracking is where you can track all your orders, ranging from accessories to Sky Store products, delve into the order’s details, reschedule an engineer visit and get a precise estimate of when the product will be with you.

Background and strategic fit

Precisely 39% of existing customers who call up within 14 days of placing an order could have solved their issue if better information had been displayed to them. An update to our current order tracking process could provide real value for STB users wanting to track their items.

The importance of Prototypes

Many ideas fail, not because they are flawed, but because people didn’t ‘get it’. It can be hard to imagine new products, services or features. That is where traditional specification documents and business plans fail. They do not excite people about the potential. They do not show them what could be.

Which is why working in Agile, I felt the need to prototype pretty much every design task for every sprint so to shows stakeholders, developer, PM and back-end, what I was going to build. That means everybody had the same picture of the end goal. It significantly reduces the need for people to ‘fill in the gaps’ with their imagination.

It’s also a great tool for user testing session, to gauge the level of engagement of a specific feature and further iterate if and when needed. Occasionally and particularly in the early days of a project, I had to make few assumptions about what users want. Some companies do market research, but just like stakeholders users often struggle to picture what it is you are proposing building.

Testing a prototype allows you to validate the assumptions you make and be confident you are building the right thing.

Prototype navigable via keyboard or Sky Remote (using Flirc).


Sky Q STB customers.