Elia Alberti

Elia Alberti

Product Designer

MS XBOX Skoda Fabia



The ŠKODA Fabia is a small car that offers you the space and versatility required for everyday life. With space for 5 people and still with enough room in the back for your luggage, it’s the ideal small family car. Regardless of whether it’s the weekly shop, the annual holiday, or a trip to the garden centre, the Fabia’s boot won’t be lacking the space you need. The tagline for this campaign is „Bühne Frei. Der Neue SKODA Fabia.“ (The stage is set. The New Skoda Fabia) which announces to the audiences the return of the Skoda Fabia with the same emphasis as an important play/opera in theatres.


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Their core target group is 20-49, so a really big group of people. It’s a car for young people who got their driver license (1st car), but also for people who are looking for a second cool and small car.