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Shell Fleet Mobile Application Design Audit


Audit Objectives

The Design Audit intended to uncover opportunities, in the new WIP version of the Fleet App, for improved customer experience, on the following aspects:

  • Ways of working to attain design maturity
  • Design driven by insights from end-users
  • Design for diversity of user base
  • Usability & Interactions


The methodology adopted

In order to provide the most accurate, thorough and effective CX analysis of the current state of the Shell Fleet App, I undertaken this four steps process which highlights the methodology put in place to achieve the final results and documentation presented below.


1. Understand as-is Fleet App
Understand the new user / customer journeys.

2. Understand Stakeholder Expectation
Understand what the business want to achieve via a new WIP version of Fleet App.

3. Understand Design Process Maturity
Discuss with Fleet App design team to understand the design process followed for new WIP version of fleet app.

4. Understand Customer & User Insights
Extract report from Customer Operations team to understand sentiments, pain points, expectations of customer.
Gather design and research artefacts to understand user archetypes, behaviour, goals, journeys, needs & motivations.


5. Define the Scope
Analyse the customer operations report and stakeholder priority, to understand the most pressing issue for user/customer.
Brainstorm within panel report on findings and proceed with audit.


6. As-is Journey Mapping
Map the as-is user flow.
Align the WIP user flow against the as-is journey.

7. To-be Journey Mapping
Map the to-be user flow.
Gather best practice examples for to-be journey.


8. Document Report based on audit
Observations on hypothetical pain points, its impact and recommendations with the intent to improve to-be user, customer experience.
Practice for maturity in the area of End-user insights driven design, Design process & adaptation, Design for diversity, Usability & Interaction.


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Executive Summary | Objectives and Scope of the Audit

The Design Audit for the new WIP version of the Fleet App aimed to enhance the customer experience in various key areas, with specific focus on onboarding.

Findings on Ways of Working
Current practices have unveiled a need for more direct engagement with end-users during the initial development phases. Additionally, the shortage of design resources, leading to role confusion and planning issues, underscores the necessity for optimised workflow management. Implementing a more comprehensive approach to gather diverse customer data and involving designers in the CX Forum will help eliminate communication barriers and enhance transparency, while proper planning of design resources can ensure more effective results.

Findings on User Research
The insights gained from customer feedback through Medallia have pinpointed several challenges, with onboarding identified as the main concern for the user experience. Users encountering difficulties in completing onboarding (e.g. due to a lack of clarity regarding ETAs and business decisions) underline the urgency of streamlining this process. Addressing these issues will not only enhance the onboarding experience but also contribute to overall user satisfaction and trust in the application.

Findings on User Experience Design
The current onboarding process demonstrates good usability and credibility. However, it can be perceived as confusing and frustrating. Substantial enhancements are needed, including progress overviews, navigation, and the restructuring the onboarding sequence.
Making the onboarding experience more desirable by refining the tone of voice and adding supporting tools or widgets to help potential customers is recommended.

Findings on User Interface Design
The User Interface review exposed a fragmented and less intuitive design landscape. The interface lacks consistency, making it challenging for users to navigate seamlessly. It’s crucial to establish a robust Design System harmonise core elements such as color palette, typography, grids, and iconography.
Addressing these UI inconsistencies will enhance visual appeal, improve user engagement.

Recommendations for next steps

  • Optimise Onboarding Journey
  • Design Validation & Iteration: Plan formative and summative testing to enhance the product’s user experience
  • Qualitative Human Insights: Conduct primary research to define personas, needs, motivations, and pain points, focusing on customer diversity and employee experience

Implementing these recommendations will elevate the Fleet App’s design maturity, better cater to user needs, and strengthen its brand presence while ensuring legal compliance and accessibility.


Clicktale and Call Listening Analysis - Issue Summary

[ Click to View the Full Document ] – Shell Fleet Mobile App Audit

What’s Next | Recommended Actions based on the Audit’s Results

Optimise Onboarding Journey
Reiterate the new WIP onboarding journey, along with the recommended UX- and UI improvements.

  • Purpose– Avoid frustration and drop-offs during the journey
  • Possible Impact– Increased conversion through easy task completion
  • Estimated Timeline– ~2-3 months
  • Skill Needed– Product Designer, Developers, Software Testers
  • Recommended
Kick-off– Immediately

Design Validation & Iteration
Plan and execute formative (at design stage) and summative (after deployment) testing to realise the experience and effectiveness of the product, along with interaction via native assistive technology (accessibility) features.

  • Purpose– Develop the practise of the improving the efficiency of design
  • Possible Impact– Increased product usability through reduction in task completion time and user errors
  • Estimated Timeline– ~2 weeks
  • Skill Needed– User Researcher, Accessibility SME, Product Designer
  • Recommended
Kick-off– Within a month

Qualitative Human Insights
Plan and execute primary research that defines Personas (targeted user groups), Needs & Motivation, Context of usage and Pain points, Map the user journey(s), Understand the diversity of the customer base, Focus on pain points and factors that impede employee experience (teams that involved in customer value delivery).

  • Purpose– Enable product team to focus on journeys or items that matters to (business prioritised) targeted user groups allowing inclusive design that caters to diversity of the customer base.
  • Possible Impact– Increased user adoption & engagement along with increased satisfaction
  • Estimated Timeline– ~2-3 months
  • Skill Needed– User Researcher, Service Designer, Accessibility SME
  • Recommended
Kick-off– Within a quarter

The Shell Fleet App

The Shell Fleet application is aimed at limited businesses with up to 10 vehicles and which have been registered for over 1 year. Registered businesses can save up to £100 per month on your fuel spend at Shell and each business account can have up to 10 Shell Fleet App cards. No tie-ins. Simple. Straightforward. Easy to manage.

The owner and his drivers can enjoy benefits such as:

Station locator
You and your drivers can use your Shell Card at over 3,800 stations nationwide, on motorways, main transit routes and in towns and cities. We have 1,100 Shell stations and many more partner stations – Esso, Texaco, Morrisons, Gulf, Gleaners, Topaz, and Circle K. And with our in-app station locator, it’s easy to find your nearest fuel wherever you are.

Tracked spending
No need to wait for valuable business insights into what’s being spent and where. Shell Fleet App offers you and your drivers transaction visibility – so you can see exactly what’s being spent, when, and where.

Flexible card controls
Want different spending limits for different drivers? No problem. You can customise credit allowances for each driver and change them whenever you want. And if you lose your Shell Card or think you’ve spotted a dodgy transaction, simply freeze the card in the app. Then if you find it, you can unfreeze it again straight away.

Digital VAT invoices
What if we told you we could cut your paperwork? The Shell Fleet App provides consolidated, downloadable VAT-compliant invoices to make your life easier when it comes to tax reporting and recovery.

Automated payments
Payment for all your fuel expenses in the previous month will be taken automatically on the last day of each month. No need to log in or arrange payment – you’ll only enter your preferred credit card information once, and the rest takes care of itself.

On-site amenities
We know that your drivers need refuelling as much as your vehicles do. Our on-site facilities include food and drink with Deli by Shell and Costa Express coffee, restroom facilities, and Wi-Fi and seating areas. Drivers can collect Go+ Visits each time they stop at Shell sites.

The Shell Fleet App is available to download on both iOS and Android devices.