Elia Alberti

Elia Alberti

UI UX Product & Interaction Designer | Creative Thinker | Product Innovator | Prototyping Adept

MusixMatch Mac OS App


Musixmatch is the most popular lyrics destination on mobile and connected devices with more than 30 million people using it worldwide to discover lyrics. Since Musixmatch launched in early 2010, we have changed consumer behaviour by allowing users to scan their music library and streaming playlist to retrieve lyrics via Musixmatch apps.


Mac OS Application

For the Mac OS App I started by researching and study all of the most popular and top rated desktop clients such as Twitter and Sparrow in order to better understand what kind of visual solution would work best in the Mac OS desktop environment. I’ve then designed the whole UX and UI of the app focusing on making the content (lyrics) the primary point of strength without omitting the user journey which has been thought to be effective, clear and immediate for the user to understand.


Anybody who enjoys reading songs’ lyrics and sing along.