Elia Alberti

Elia Alberti

UI UX Product & Interaction Designer | Creative Thinker | Product Innovator | Prototyping Adept

MusixMatch Website


Musixmatch is the most popular lyrics destination on mobile and connected devices with more than 30 million people using it worldwide to discover lyrics. Since Musixmatch launched in early 2010, we have changed consumer behaviour by allowing users to scan their music library and streaming playlist to retrieve lyrics via Musixmatch apps.


Spotify Lyrics & Artists Website

The main aspect of these works is to present to the user a clear, polished and efficient visual solution for him to be able to read his favourite lyrics online and get to know more about the artist himself. Keeping that in mind I came up with a minimal design for both pages, focusing on the lyrics which for example can be made bigger or smaller according to the users’ needs. In addition the page is enriched with similar songs and artists so that the user can spend even more time online navigating and viewing the website and its contents.


Anybody who enjoys reading songs’ lyrics and sing along.