Elia Alberti

Elia Alberti

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Base79 Media App



IPTV application for the Ministry of Sound realised at Base79 (founded as MyVideoRights) which is the largest Multi Channel Network in EMEA. Base79’s channels cumulatively receive over 750 million views monthly. The company gets its name from the atomic number of gold and it has now been acquired by Rightster to position it as the largest YouTube partner outside North America. To conceptualise and design the application was very challenging mainly due to the vast amount radio shows, music videos and live broadcast events produced by the MOS.


IPTV Application featuring all of the major radio shows, music videos and live broadcast events directly from the Ministry of Sound.

Working closely with the dev team I designed a suitable interface for a big screen TV app. In designing the UI I adhered to the MOS brand guidelines and primarily the use of colours they do to distinguish all the different contents available. I made sure that all the contents were easily accessible and recognisable by the user whilst the visuals would match those of the MOS Website. Everything has been designed and optimised to work within an IPTV environment.


Their core target group is 14 to 45 mixed audience.


Ministry of Sound