Elia Alberti

Elia Alberti

Product Designer




The goal of the Lego campaign is to create awareness of the Lego brand and its products and possibilities. The client wants to create an entertaining, interactive experience on Xbox. They are not focused in driving the users to the Lego website or create conversions. They want the users to find out how playing with Lego is a fun way to spend time at home with their family, alone, etc.
The core of the campaign is to interact with the users’ emotional sphere rather than simply showcase the products. I wanted to bring up in the users the same emotions generated when people play with Lego. By doing so will highlight and describe around 25 exclusive products.


Landing Experience on XBOX 360:

The users will land on a landing page with 7 selectable categories. In each one of them the user will find one landing page with image gallery (showing the products) and one video. Users will be asked to collect Lego bricks (around 3 or 4) after doing that they will unlock the exclusive Lego T-shirt for their avatar.

Interactive Experience / Treasure Hunt
Play and Win
Avatar Integration
Image Gallery
Video Gallery
Product gallery
Themepack and DLCs


Family oriented.