Elia Alberti

Elia Alberti

Product Designer

Discovery+ Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics


Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Cross-Platform Design

Working as part of the UXD team I worked toward developing and championing a user-centred design process able to promote a culture of customer-focused product discovery and delivery cross-platform to present to the Discovery+ vast userbase the best possible CX allowing them experience the Beijing Winter Olympics seamlessly regardless of which device they’re on.

I supported the UI design process by developing and enhancing design systems particularly for mobile, Android and iOS whilst I also worked on translating the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022 visual identity’s into a cohesive UI pattern library, developing an iconography and set of pictograms representative not only of the geographical location of where the Olympics where held at but also the local culture and traditions.

Creating low and high-fidelity mock-ups and prototypes that evolve into pixel-perfect designs ready for development was one aspect of my assignment however I was equally very much focused on supporting the development team and back-end engineers with the creation of brand new assets and UI guidelines whilst liaising with the editorial team analysing and exploring the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics’ brand and visual identity to produce visual assets such as the background image to be used on the main landing / home page cross-platform.


Achieving & Measuring Success

Discovery reported record Olympic Winter Games viewership and engagement on its digital platforms, as the household appeal of discovery+ drove significantly higher consumption and numbers of new paid subscribers compared to PyeongChang 2018, specifically:

    • New paid streaming subscribers for Beijing 2022 exceed PyeongChang 2018 by almost 50%

    • Over 1 billion streaming minutes consumed across discovery+ and Eurosport subscription services

    • Over half of new Olympic subscribers also enjoyed discovery+’s entertainment content, meaningfully enhancing subscriber lifetime value


Discovery+ US – WEB


Discovery+ US – MOBILE


Discovery+ US – Connected TV


Discovery+ EU – WEB


Discovery+ EU – MOBILE


Discovery+ EU – Connected TV


Discovery+ – Sport Pictograms Library


Discovery+ – Visual Identity – Background image creation

DISCOVERY+ The Streaming Home Of The Olympics Across UK And Europe

As The Streaming Home of the Olympics across UK and Europe, Discovery+ delivered the ultimate Games experience capturing all the unmissable moments live from the greatest sport show on Earth. Athletes from over 200 nations descendED on Beijing to compete in a multitude of competitions for the world’s largest international sport event.

Beijing 2022 produced strong results across Discovery’s European television network and streaming products. Discovery+ drove an increased number of new paid streaming subscribers, the total of which exceeded PyeongChang 2018 by almost 50%.

More than 156 million Europeans visited Discovery’s platforms with over one billion streaming minutes consumed, 19 times more than the last Olympic Winter Games. Discovery+ and Eurosport streaming services saw 8 times more streaming viewers during this Games as users consumed more than double the content with average consumption exceeding 7 hours per viewer. The same trend was seen on linear television with viewers on average watching 24% longer than PyeongChang 2018.

Discovery presented the Beijing Winter Olympics in 50 markets in Europe featuring 11 national productions and coverage in 19 languages. It is the only place in Europe to offer all of the Olympics Discovery+ and its Eurosport digital services.

Jean-Briac Perrette, President & CEO, Discovery Streaming & International, said: “The Winter Olympics has proven to be a terrific success for discovery+ and all our channels and platforms across Europe. Discovery is leading the way in building global scale in streaming whilst also maintaining strength in traditional television viewership, significantly outperforming the market across both.”


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