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Elia Alberti

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MS XBOX Adidas



Adidas launched a new range of body care products and with this interactive experience wants to promote their new deodorants aimed at a young, energetic and sporty audience. In order to gain more traction they’ve launched a competition where users can upload their own video of how the prepare for the imminent 2014 football world cup and the video which receives the highest number of votes will win prizes such as tickets and accommodation to the opening game of the 2014 WC. The campaign has been split in two phases, phase one where users upload and vote for their favourite videos and phase two where the users will be asked to vote the best video amongst the ten finalists.


Landing Experience on XBOX 360:

Phase One

Interactive navigation / video gallery
Internet button (click to web)

Phase Two

Winning video
Interactive navigation / video gallery
Internet button (click to web)


Men into sport and outdoor activities not belonging to any particular age group.