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Elia Alberti

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JustGo Music Website



JustGoMusic.com is a new platform that offers powerful social media tools to DJs, producers, and label owners. The London-based website offers a whole suite of time-saving tools and features to help electronic music artists and labels grow their fanbases. Many of the tools are available for free.


JustGo Music Website

Working closely with the dev team I came up with a design focused on alleviating one of the most annoying issue for any avid social networker, multiple sharing of a single piece of content on multiple website. JustGo Music focus is specifically on the music industry toward DJs, Producer and Labels. I created a mix between a social networking site, CMS and newsfeed aggregator. It has been one of the most challenging project I’ve work on as the most important thing was to offer users a functional product, distraction-free and with an extremely intuitive UI / UX. The final result has wowed those professionals within the music industry and today JustGo Music (renamed JustGo) is one of the best, if not the best, tool for every music professional who wants to get his fanbase growing with the minimum effort possible.


Their core target group is music industry professionals, agencies, labels, promoters and buddy DJs.


JustGo Music